• Export First-class
    pork, beef and chicken meat
  • Fattening pigs
    Fattened pigs, farms and mini farms
    Landrace, Duroc, Yorkshire, Pietrain, F1 fattening...
  • Cattle First-class
  • Frozen Vegetables
    peas, carrots, sweet maize, string beans, onion cubes...
  • Animal farms
    Breeding and export of fattened chickens
    Export of slaughtered chickens

Pig breeding and pork

We offer a yearlong cooperation and to our customers we offer fattened meat, butchered in halves, French butchering and processing. We offer first class meat. Fattened pigs and purchased sows per the customer's requirements...

Steer, Bullock and Heifer Fattening and Beef

We offer first class cattle weighing up to 650 kilograms, halves, steers. We offer options for yearlong cooperation. We offer our customers fattened meat, butchered in halves, French butchering and processing. We operate in compliance with GOST-R and HACCP standards...

Chicken farms and chicken meat

We offer fattened chickens (live or slaughtered), with the possibility of yearlong cooperation, produced in compliance with the GOST-R and HACCP standards...

Frozen Vegetables

Frozen fruit and vegetables (200 tons per month), in bulk in 10-20 kg boxes as well as smaller packages with the customer's logo...

About the Company

We are a young company and we conduct our business as intermediaries.
We guarantee for the contracted quantities and all other details of the transactions.



Modern developments in worldwide economy demand a high level of productivity in the auxiliary areas such as goods transport. It is often needed to transport goods to the opposite side of the globe while ensuring that goods remain protected from damaging effects of the environment, surroundings, theft and finally reach their destination in unchanged form...


Quality policy

HACCP was developed by the Pillsbury Company as an answer to the request of the NASA for the purpose of production of astronaut food that is 100% safe for their health...
ost R (государственный стандарт России - The Russian National Standard) is a standard system which regulates the quality requirements for the products and services provided in the territory of the Russian Federation...


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