Steer, Bullock and Heifer Fattening and Beef

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  • The core business is meat production and sale. We specialize in export of pork, beef and chicken meat.
  • There is a large quantity of fattened animals on a monthly basis, our own Serbian breeding prepared for export to GOST-r certificate market as well as contact with slaughterhouses with export licences.
  • Possible yearlong cooperation.
  • We offer our customers fattened meat of the first class, butchered in halves, French butchering and processing tailored to the customers' requests.
  • We offer first-class cattle up to 650 kilograms, halves, steers.
  • We operate in compliance with the GOST-R and HACCP standards.

Consumption and effective utilization of feed are especially important for the success of fattening. These factors depend on energy concentration in portions, its ingredients and physical forms of particular components. It is known that the increase in contents of net energy per meal increases the daily growth of the animals. All this is accomplished in farms and mini farms we successfully cooperate with.



The Simental highly lean cattle breed is characterized by rapid growth rate in young cattle and harmonious body constitution.


It is characterized by strong constitution and stocky build, with especially well attached udders. The dominant colour of this breed is black and white, although there are red and white specimens in fewer numbers within the population of Holstein. The red and white type has the recessive gene for the red colour in the homozygote state. Certain European countries used semen of the red Holstein bulls to produce herds of this type, by crossbreeding the Simental breed or the red and white Rotbunt breed. Both were applied in Serbia, especially in the Province of Vojvodina, in the north part of Serbia.
Holstein cattle breed is larger than the Frisian cattle. Holstein is characterized by a large body frame, harmonious build and solid constitution. The bulls weigh 1100-1300 kg.