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- We offer fattened chickens (live or slaughtered) up to 100.000 and more specimens per month, on a yearlong level.
- Possibility of the yearlong cooperation
- Production in compliance with the GOST-R and HACCP standards.


The farms are built in compliance with the highest global and European standards and accommodate all conditions and requests of the customers on the highest level.
The production, i.e. fattening of chickens means the method of housing, feeding, watering and protection of the chicken health, with the purpose of breeding the heaviest possible chicken with lesser food consumption and losses due to disease. In the industrial fattening plant, usually 42 days long, the chickens grow up to 1.8 to 2.1 kg, averaging 1.8 kg to 2kg of feed consumption per 1 kg of live poultry.