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We offer our customers the possibility of export:
- Frozen fruit and vegetables (200 tons/month) in bulk in 10-20 kg boxes as well as in smaller packages with the customer's logo, depending on the customer's request.
- Fresh fruit


After freezing, almost 70% of fruit and vegetables contain more antioxidants, vitamin C and minerals.
On average, frozen broccoli contains more vitamin C and lutein, and even four times more carotene than the fresh version. Frozen carrots have three times more lutein and twice the amount of beta-carotene, but also more polyphenol than fresh carrots.
The nutritive values of foods sometime have drastic differences after freezing, for example - frozen spinach contains four times the amount of nutritive matter, fibre, folic acid, iron and calcium.
Overall, two thirds of fruit and vegetable are healthier frozen than fresh, with the exception of lemon, cauliflower and corn.
The reason frozen fruit and vegetables are a better option is that they are frozen immediately after picking, while the fresh fruits can be shelved for months in stores, sprayed with various chemicals so that they keep their fresh look.

Frozen Vegetables


Peas are a low calorie food, which makes it an excellent choice for those who monitor their body weight. It is a rich source of vitamin B1 and C, folic acid and fibre. Frozen peas are available throughout the entire year.


Carrot is one of the healthiest vegetables, because it contains a lot of useful and healthy ingredients. It acts as an antimicrobial (antibiotic) substance. Carrots are used in nutrition throughout the entire year.

Mixed Vegetables

Mixed vegetables are available throughout the entire year. It contains carrots, peas, corn and other components per the customer's request. This vegetable mix is ideal for the preparation of all types of soups, stews and salads. The packaging ranges from 450 g to 10 and 20 kg in bulk, depending on the customer's request.

Sweet Maize

Packaged from 450g up to 10 and 20kg, boxed, and bagged, in bulk.

String Beans

Frozen string beans are available all year, on its own or in a mix in the same packages as all other vegetables.