Pig breeding and pork

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  • Our core business is meat production and sale. We specialize in export of pork, beef and chicken meat.
  • Large quantities of fattened animals on monthly basis, our own Serbian breeding prepared for export for GOST-R certificate market and contact with slaughterhouses with exporting licenses.
  • Possible cooperation on a yearlong basis.
  • We offer our customers fattened meat, butchered in halves, French butchering and processing.
  • We offer first class pigs, fattened pigs and purchased sows, per our customers' requirements.

Reliability is the greatest characteristic of food manufacturers and human health producers, and we demand special attention to regular testing of fresh meat and our experts constantly control and test the meat during the production process.


Pig farms

Maximum utilization of the feed and growth in pig farming and farrowing are important production features, which are influenced by the temperature, humidity, number of pigs in a group, type of floor, size of the pigsties etc. There are better results when there is a fewer number of pigs - up to 25 pigs per cage. Temperature is also important in pig farming and farrowing, as is the size and the construction of the breeding boxes and piglet boxes.
The most feasible method of pig housing is in the favourable combination of climate factors and financial interests of the producer. On our farms (mini farms), pigs are bred in optimal housing tailored to EU standards, which produces the best growth in pig fattening.
The capacity of the farms varies from 500 to 1600 of pigs per month (4x100 and 4x400 per week).

The basis for the successful and profitable production of pigs is the Nucleus breeding and multiplication farms with GGP-GP sows of high genetic potential. The housing is designed to provide maximum production results with good management and first-rate genetics.
The farms are in complete compliance of the standards of protection of the environment and the standards of animal farming. All this is in compliance with EU regulations in this area.
The Nucleus farms for the production of breeding gilts of the F1 generation following the world-famous Norwegian Landrace technology and selective breeding provide high quality piglets which are resilient to disease, highly fertile and provide optimal lean to fat proportion.