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Modern developments in worldwide economy demand a high level of productivity in the auxiliary areas such as goods transport. It is often needed to transport goods to the opposite side of the globe while ensuring that goods remain protected from damaging effects of the environment, surroundings, theft and finally reach their destination in unchanged form.


Cold Storage Trucks

Our great experience and know-how of transport in temperature regimes guarantees quality service. Our professional team will do everything to make sure that the transport of your goods is completed with maximum efficiency, fast and safe.
The basic purpose of these cold storage trucks is the transportation of the fresh and frozen products - nutrients which are floor loaded on pallets. The construction of the insulated container consists of eco-friendly insulation panels in the sandwich form, with an insulating core and outside laminate covers. Insulation panels produced in such a way have proved to be the best in relation to others used in the production of insulated chambers.


Container Transport

Container transport is transport of goods into uniform loading vessel-crates, i.e. ISO standard containers. Use of containers provides faster and easier handling and transport of goods because of the uniform loading units. The standardization in this area inevitably decreased the time necessary for the loading and unloading of goods and the corresponding transport expenses.


Truck Transport

We are very proud that our company made its first steps in conquering market share using trucks for transport of goods. The trucks belong to the newer generations and include full equipment to accommodate all your requests and requirements.